Global Heart Coherence Experience (LIVE/Synchronized Meditation) Hosted by Howard Martin of the HeartMath Institute 5-5:30pmPST

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About this presentation

Join us for our Global Synchronized Meditative moment, Co-Creating Coherence together! Howard Martin will guide us through a Heart Lock-In Technique, for all of us to synch our hearts together. This is a simple and easy technique for bringing greater coherence into your life.

Anistara will introduce Howard Martin of the HeartMath Institute. They will discuss what Heart Coherence is, why it is important and how we co-create collective coherence. Then Howard will guide us through our 15 minute Global Heart Coherence Experience.

Special THANK YOU to Autumn Skye for her image "Healing" and RutiCelli for her improvisational cello music in 432 Hz (the heart frequency) specially created for this meditation.

Howard Martin, Sheva Carr, and Robert Browning from the HeartMath Institute and Heart Ambassadors offer all of our guests the HeartMastery Program Course 1 for free. Claim Your Gift Here:

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Rev. Anistara Ma Ka

A humble student of life, it is my greatest wish and desire to co-create impactful and inspiring collaborative project for our awakening and our New bEARTH! With years of experience in the 'healing arts' and event production- the melding of these two worlds is my passion. Motivated by my 6-year old son, Kadence Alturas Kaus, the Vision of 11.11 Unified is to provide a network platform aimed towards the betterment of all! He and all other children, deserve to inherit a world of love, peace, harmony and unity- for everyone's THRIVE-ALL! Certifications and studies in my tool belt are: BA in Psychology and Philosophy, The Resonance Project Delegate Program, Add Heart Facilitator with HeartMath Institute, Conscious Colors-Tuning Forks/Color Aromas, Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Transformational Mentor, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Yoga Therapy, Holistic Hoopologist, Natural Birth Trainer, and Special Event Production!

Howard Martin

Howard Martin is one of the original leaders who helped found HeartMath in 1991. A key spokesperson for the HeartMath Companies, Howard Martin is deeply passionate about the topics he presents. Through his talks Howard illuminates the intelligence of the heart, describing how we can access it to create positive and sustainable change. His presentations provide a unique clarity and sense of ease about the evolutionary changes many are experiencing personally, collectively and socially. Howard shows us how we can actively participate in the creation of our individual and collective future. His Southern roots play into the palpable warmth and gentle humor you will experience when you meet him. He is a co-author of the highly acclaimed book The HeartMath Solution and contributing author of Heart Intelligence. Most recently, Howard helped to co-create The HeartMath Experience, a new online video program introduced by HeartMath in January 2020. Howard is also a member of The Transformational Leadership council, an organization founded by author Jack Canfield, and The Evolutionary Leaders, a group of select global visionaries founded by Deepak Chopra.

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