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Beautiful Crystal Lotus infused by Rennie Davis with the frequency of Electrical Life in its purest form (Rennie passed away on Feb. 2, 2021). Experience the frequency of pure Electrical Life in both the HOPE meditation and in this crystal. Using them together can deepen your meditation experience.

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Kirsten Liegmann and Anistara Introduces the Hope 11-11 Meditation (co-created with Rennie Davis of the "Chicago 7")!
This 40-minute meditation originally created for Hope 11-11, an all day event hosted on Nov. 11, 2020, to celebrate and activate a dynamic new vibration of hope. The Hope Meditation was the cornerstone of the event - a globally synchronized meditation infused with a a frequency to balance the rising pandemic of fear with the frequency of pure Life. We will once again come together during this 11.11 Unified event to send a blast of Life energy around the globe to help uplift and balance a world in turmoil.

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Authentic Self Meditation

Who am I? This is probably the most pondered question of the ages. You are a magnificent, unlimited being on a journey of evolution. Who you are becoming if you choose it emanates a frequency and a beautiful feeling state. Due to simultaneity, we can go into the "future" and bring back that frequency, and that is what is embedded in this meditation. Let yourself open to the beauty and magnificence of who you have always been and who you can choose to become and let that experience be your homing beacon on this amazing journey to wake up 100%.

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Rev. Anistara Ma Ka

A humble student of life, it is my greatest wish and desire to co-create impactful and inspiring collaborative project for our awakening and our New bEARTH! With years of experience in the 'healing arts' and event production- the melding of these two worlds is my passion. Motivated by my 6-year old son, Kadence Alturas Kaus, the Vision of 11.11 Unified is to provide a network platform aimed towards the betterment of all! He and all other children, deserve to inherit a world of love, peace, harmony and unity- for everyone's THRIVE-ALL! Certifications and studies in my tool belt are: BA in Psychology and Philosophy, The Resonance Project Delegate Program, Add Heart Facilitator with HeartMath Institute, Conscious Colors-Tuning Forks/Color Aromas, Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Transformational Mentor, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Yoga Therapy, Holistic Hoopologist, Natural Birth Trainer, and Special Event Production!

Kirsten Liegmann

Conscious business, leadership and Life transformation coach. New Humanity mentor and masterclass teacher. MBA in Sustainable Management. Regenerative living. Student of conscious evolution and waking up 100%.

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